IRIS EMS (Event Management System)

New to the Vision Software family is IRIS EMS. Thinking outside-of-the-box this year we felt that our clients needed more. Thus, enter IRIS EMS a fully customizable on-line solution to suit your Sales, Contact Management & Marketing needs. Developed to be a stand alone EMS but also developed to work seamlessly with Vision EMS acting as it web-based portal.



Optimize Sales & Marketing

Increase sales, save time, and grow your business by improving prospect and customer experiences; automating sales, marketing and support tasks; and developing business-impacting insights.

What can IRIS EMS do for me?

Capture Higher Quality Leads

Focus your time and resources on quality leads that convert, not ones that don't.

• Qualify leads faster with easy-to-create mass email marketing campaign tools. Educate your leads and contacts about events, services, deals, and much more.

• Learn common characteristics of high-value customers using custom reports and analytics, use custom filters to find leads that share these characteristics and spend more time nurturing them.

• Qualify Leads Faster (send up to 2,000 campaign emails per day)

• Creating Campaigns | Creating Email Templates | Custom Fields in Email Templates

• Identify the group of customers you'd like to send the emails to and group them into individual campaigns to track the success of each campaign

• Easily create email templates that include variables that automatically fill-in like customer names , dates, and any other information from within your EMS

• Create schedules for each campaign

Understand Your Business

• Powerful reports build on customer, salesperson, and interaction data enables a better management decision making and a greater potential for improvement.

• Save time by and scheduling reports with formulas, charts and other complex features to run automatically

• Analytics and formulas help you understand how your business, its resources and processes are performing


Better Customer Retention

As your products and services evolve, be ready to know which of your previous customers can benefit from new services or products that you provide.

• Schedule followup dates to ensure that followups are performed with repeat customers

• Build reports to track current customers to understand where future sales opportunities might exist