Customer Testimonials


“Vision can be set up based on your organizations needs as well as various reports you may need to run. It’s very easy to use once trained on it. The program can do so much that I am still learning things about Vision after using it for 5 years now.

I can't rave enough about this program and the people behind it. The program is excellent and the technical support is always there when you need assistance. “

Tina Marino
Kahanoff Conference Centre, Alberta


“The training of Vision is very user friendly and not as intimidating as other programs. The support of Vision is always fast & efficient and supportive of any questions asked.

Our experience with the Vision software has been all positive and we highly recommend it.”

Donna Tyrrell
Best Western Glengarry, Nova Scotia


"Vision has proven itself time and again to be a terrific system that is easy to move through, and generates exactly what I need for Conference Services."

Kelly Morgan
Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites. Ontario


"We have been working with Vision for many years and I really can't imagine life without it. It is a very user friendly and dependable program. The flexible reporting system always gives us what we want - when we need it. Vision has grown into a powerful tool that can really pull a Sales & Catering Department together as an efficient, unified force. I would recommend it highly!"

Nicole Foster
Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, Ontario



"Vision is an extremely user friendly and powerful program that totally organizes our Sales and Catering lives. I absolutely love it!"

Kitt L'Heureux
Ramada Suites Ottawa, Ontario


“The ‘hands on’ approach that you convey to us on a daily basis is certainly welcomed. I am always impressed at the turn around time between phone calls with you and the information that you provide so quickly and efficiently. In working with you, it seems our two companies have become almost seamless, isn’t this what every company strives for? You listen to our needs and react to them in a proficient and professional way, and for this we thank you immensely.”

Sarah B. Sheppard
Vineland Estates Winery, Ontario


“Through Vision, we have been able to deliver consistently high levels of service and quality that regularly exceed customer expectations. The return of investment has been immediate. We have seen improved productivity and yield management. Since we began using Vision, food and beverage preparation, staff scheduling, purchasing and document preparation have become so much easier and much more efficient. Our staff can easily track the thousands of details that must be addressed in order to deliver successful events. From a management perspective, Vision gives me instant access to improved forecasting and monitoring capabilities.”

Hans Sturzenbecher
Toronto Congress Centre, Ontario