Vision Event Management System

Our Event Management System (EMS) is absolutely user-friendly. It will ensure that your staff members are working with up-to-date and accurate information. Any and all changes ripple through the system seamlessly, automatically providing up-to-the-minute communication throughout your facility.

Function Scheduling

Vision's Integrated Function Book places you in total control over your function space in a simple graphical format. (See Figure 1)


  • • Check and block spaces in seconds.
  • • Copy, edit, and move events with ease - your changes instantaniously comminucated
       throughout your facility.
  • • Shared room capabilities for complete control over dining rooms, lobbies, etc.
  • • Automatic capacity checks.
  • • Single day and multi-day views.
  • • Room conflicts automatically registered and displayed.
  • • Automatic “Turn Around Time” buffers.
  • • Booking status displayed in user defined colour scheme.
  • • Second option capabilities.
  • • Multi-tiered, time-phased function room pricing.
  • • Fool-proof safeguards against double booking.


Event Management & Coordination

Vision comes completely set up and configured for your facility. The input of event details is achieved through a fast, accurate and simple “point and shoot” process. (See Figure 2)

  • • No need to input any details, it’s automatically retrieved when needed.
  • • Minimum quantity checks.
  • • Automatic price call up.
  • • Rapid item look up.
  • • Tax included pricing and price note options.
  • • Extensive free-form note capabilities at all levels.
  • • Automatic event costing.
  • • Advanced “Wizards” for the push-button creation of repeated events.
  • • Meeting packages easily accomodated.


Estimates, Proposals, Contracts, and Banquet Event Orders

• Internally customizable and a click away.


Work Orders

• Communicate event requirements and last minute changes with the utmost efficiency.


Trace Activities (See Figure 3)

  • • Set up parameters for an unlimited number of default trace activities for each type of booking.
  • • Upon booking creation corresponding trace activities are automatically created, dated and    assigned to the appropriate people.
  • • Add, modify and delete trace activities on the fly as required.
  • • Powerful Task Control Workscreen places all users in total control over their responsibilities.



• Simple call up the booking, revise the details and then generate the invoice!
• Direct link the signed agreement prevents errors, confusion or disagreement.
• Unique and powerful manual invoicing.
• Automatic handling of all possible tax and gratuity combinations.
• Comprehensive, “iron-clad” audit trail.


Advance Deposits

• Outstanding deposits are automatically created and tracked through the Trace Activity System.
• All deposit activity tracked within powerful client-specific sub-ledger system.


Contact and Account Management

Vision provides unparalleled access to your organization’s client and prospect information. At the same time, powerful sales and marketing capabilities give you all the tools you need to drive more business into your facility. (See Figure 4 & Figure 5)


Detailed Client Histories

• All booking and revenue information (past, current and future) is automatically stored at the    client level and instantly accessible online as well as by report.
• Client Activity Log automatically stores all completed trace activities, contracts, form letters,    faxes and notes.


Integrated Contact Management

• Schedule appointments.
• Prepare correspondence, make notes, track phone calls, log conversations and allocate other    things to do.
• Set reminders for yourself or others to follow up on client contacts.
• Call Reports.
• Sales Activity Analysis.

Targeted Sales & Marketing

• Powerful user defined information fields empower you to classify and target accounts.
• Merge required information directly into custom correspondence.


Integrated Document Management

Vision places you in total control over your communications with your customers, prospects and internal departments. Effortlessly generate highly professional contracts, proposals, form letters and other communications. Retrieve and edit documents with the utmost ease.

Microsoft Word Interface

• Vision's seamless interface to MS Word empowers you to set up an unlimited number of    document templates.
• No limitations to formatting options.
• In excess of 550 merge fields to work within.

Client-Centric Document File System

All documents are automatically stored under the corresponding client to give convenient access to all of a client's documents.

Powerful Reports at Your Fingertips

Reports that once took hours to complete are ready in seconds! Vision empowers even the novice user the ability to effortlessly hone in on the required information.

Integrated Report Writer

• Set up and configure an unlimited number of custom reports.
• Makes actual report generation a simple process of simply entering the date range of interest.
• Over 90 report format templates.

Microsoft Excel Interface

• Merge filtered data directly into Excel for further manipulation and/or analysis.
• Powerful pivot tables allow for limitless views of your data.


Painless Implementation

Progressive Business Solutions has perfected the art of system implementation. For this project, we become your in-house information technology team.

The Ultimate Turn Key Solution

• Meticulous configuration, following our careful consultation and understanding of your    operational needs, results in a copy of Vision which is unique to your specific needs.
• Upon entering Vision for your first time, you will find that it has been completely setup and    configured for your property.
• Function Rooms, Menus, Booking Types and Statuses, Revenue and Reporting Classifications...all    setup and ready to satisfy your specific needs.

Customized On-Site Training

• Training program custom-tailored to your schedule and needs.
• Minimal classroom style training in favour of hands-on instruction with YOUR data.


Flexibility in design and structure ensures that a solution can be designed for your facility that ensures a rapid payback and a tremendous return on your investment.